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Compressed Air Dryers

Applications of Compressed Air Dryers

. Industrial applications where ultra-dry air or very low dewpoint (-400F pressure dewpoint) is required.
. Installations where downstream air systems are exposed to ambient temperatures down to -4o0F (-400C).
. Pneumatic instrumentation and controls.
. Paint spraying. plastic and epoxy coatings. powder coating.
. Engineering and scientific laboratories.
. Controllers, transmitters, valve positioners, operators, air bearings and air motors.
. Audio-Video cassette rewinding machines/CO Plants.
. To protect Actuators.
. Food Packing / Processing / Pharmaceuticals / Tablet Packing.


. Wide range of sizes to suit your requirement 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200 SCFM and many more. . Heated Low Purge models are available for capacities from 200 CFM to 5000 CFM.
. Calibrated needle valve to adjust purge flow to actual outlet flow and pressure conditions.
. Overlapping cycle time to provide constant downstream pressure and dew point.
. Normally open shuttle valves allow constant air flow through dryer even in electricity failure. . Integral wall mounting models are available to save floor space.
. Easy installation- just make the air connections and plug in the electrical power cord.
. Lightweight and compact I Inlet and outlets are from top where as purging is from down.
. Facilitates the water flushing out during purging.
. Trouble free and reliable performance.
Compressed Air DryersCompressed Air Dryers
Two towers, filled with a desiccant which adsorbs water vapour, provide ultra-dry air (-4o0C pressure dew point) for operation of sensitive pneumatic devices. Inlet air is dried in one tower during a drying cycle. Simultaneously, the desiccant is dried in the other tower during the regenerative cycle. An electric timer automatically cycles inlet air between the towers every two minutes providing a continuous supply of dry air. Constant downstream pressure and dew point are maintained by overlapping the cycle times (both towers are pressurized briefly before changeover). During the 'regenerative cycle' the desiccant is dried by purging with a small amount of dry air from the on-line tower (Dry air passes through the desiccant and is exhausted to atmosphere). A calibrated needle valve allows the amount of air used for purging to be kept to a minimum. i.e. 5-8%
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